Friday, October 10, 2014

Sign of Things to Come in Okotoks

Okotoks is one of Canada’s most thriving towns. It is bound to continuously expand, providing better opportunities for residents. Planning for the future of a town as progressive as Okotoks isn’t something local officials will be doing on their own. The residents definitely have a say about what’s in store for their hometown. This community spirit is one of many factors that gives Okotoks its charm and appeal.

Outsider Perspective

Local officials showed they are taking the town’s future seriously by hiring “futurist” Glen Hiemstra who specializes in long-range planning and future trends. His presentation launched the community visioning sessions which would continue until December. In addition, tourism expert Roger Brooks was brought in to assess the state of Okotoks’ downtown area and to suggest possible improvements that would align with Hiemstra’s goals.

Future Considerations

Expectedly, the basic needs of the community will be prioritized as the town grows. Okotoks is anticipated to provide sustainable housing sites for people working in Calgary as home builders would play an active role in housing development and construction for the town. Home development in Rancher’s Rise, for instance, pursues varied architectural styles, environment preservation practices, and energy efficiency strategies that would be helpful to the macro-community.

If you’re thinking that Okotoks is a quaint little town, you may be right, for now -- but it won’t be “little” for long. With the comprehensive visioning, Okotoks would soon be poised for a major expansion.

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