Monday, November 3, 2014

Choosing a Site to Build your Home

One of the first steps to take in building a new home involves the selection of a construction site. Of course, what good is an intricately designed custom home without a site for it to stand on? Choosing the final construction site may be a bit tedious for first timers for the challenge it poses, but with these tips, you may find just the right space for your home.

Topography – The land itself should be of the utmost priority for any building project. For instance, a sloped lot enables for great views and interesting decking, while flat lots offer a lot of living space outside the home itself to accommodate more amenities.
The soil type should always occupy the top half of the list. This is because different lots have different types of soils, from loose sand to solid rock—certain lots even have a multitude of soil types in one place. One must be vigilant enough to prevent building a home on loose, unstable land.

Lifestyle compatibility – This is where the immediate community surrounding the lot comes in. A construction site soon to accommodate a home must harmonize with the homeowner’s lifestyle in terms of his or her options for employment, health and recreational focus, and the family’s preference for activities in the community.

Size – A smaller property is technically much easier and cheaper to maintain than a larger one, while the latter is ideal for maintaining a high level of privacy. 

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